Récompenses - Awards - Premios

Thanks to all the experts who spent their time analyzing my work.
Their awards are important, but their constructive comments are even more valuable,
because they help me to improve the quality of my site.

Je partage ces récompenses avec tous les bénévoles qui m'ont aidé à traduire et corriger ce site.

I share these Awards with the voluntary people who helped me to translations and corrections.

Level Award title
5+ Superb! Website 200
Superb ! Website 100

WeB Pix Award
5 BTDesign Award
Surfers Choice Official Site
Helpware and Community
Internet Brothers Silver
Internet Brothers Bronze
World Best Websites
Webnet WebRatings
Surfers Choice
4.5 Colleen's Corner
Arete Wave
Heidi's Award
Believe 2 Gold
Mesweet's Platinum
dlb Gold Award
Exceptional Sites Award
AEIP Award
Pure Illusion Award
High Density Award
Cyber Teddy's Top 500Golden Ace
Site of the Month
Golden AceSite of the Week
Golden Ace Award
Pegasus Gold Award
A voir de suite
Caz's Award
Otakou creative design
4 The Grail Writer's
Added Value Award
Ressource Merit
Website Analyst
The Spider Award
Content-Rich Award
Steliart Silver Award

WebGuide Awards '99
Jewel of the Web
The Crown Award
Loadstar's Web Design
Quality Trading Award
Wonderful Website
Award Hola !
Wings' WWW
Eternity's Best of the Web
King of the Jungle Award
Aka nem5
Web Maggic
G Page Cool Award
Cyber Platinum
Christian Website Award
site of the month
A Light Unto The Web
WS site of the Week
WS Award
Gold Wing of Excellence
Award of Excellence
Artis Scolar's Site
Ravi's Elite
StarSaber's Award
The Critical Mass
Cool Reality
? The Web Academy
Mamie Do...! Award  ???
Med HealthAtoZ Award2000
Health Award World
4-Star HealthAtoZ
The Health Connection
Level Award title
3.5 Scoff an' Scuff
The Best Of The Web
Amanda's Web Realm
New Millenium Award
Bright Site Award
Athena Award
Quincy Web Bright
A Site to Behold
Webkin Award
Otakou New Zealand
Gadzillion Award
Shield of Excellence
The Enlightenment
Hats Off Award
Quatec Award
Steliart Award
Art Pro Web Design
Excellent Resource
WGB Web Ceations
Stardust Award
Best Of 1999
Homepage Godies
Soul Site Best Award
Mesweet's Silver Award
Best of the Web
Design Award Market-tek.
3 Eli's Homework Helpers
Silver Lace Award
Nebula Best Info Award
Southern Nytes
Helping Hand Award
Mark of Excellence
2-Star Awards
Tasha Award
ABAS 3-Star Cool Site
Badge of Excellence
Silver Helicopter Award
Nem5 Web Maggic
Michele's Award
Candle Creations Gold
Best of the Net
Euro.www.Award Gold
2.5 Storm Keeper Award


2.5, 2, and no rating

These awards don't have a rate, some are yet very rare !
Ces awards n'ont pas de taux, certains sont pourtant très rares !
¡ Estos premios no tienen una valuación, algunos son todavía muy raros !


Award title (Rating)
KozyKorner Award
Bring Flowers  Award
Miss G Award(2)
Luuk's Award (2)
Fly With Eagles
2001 4 Star Award
Golden Diamond Award

Frit's Farm Award

WebGuide Awards
King of the web
Homepage City Awards in Gold
AVIS Design AWARD 1999
Dave's Home Port
Austria Award
IS Serve Excellence Award
Neural Processes Award
Gold Standard Awards 1999
Baeckermen Award
Ansgar Burchard-AWARD
The Socrates Award
The Shining Star Award
N@twork's Cyberaward
Andeas Wagner's Gold Aw 1999
Blue Ribbon Site Award
Spine Jar "Jarred Us !" Award *
Julie Stevenson "Excellence"
Spell Checked Award
Small Business Excellence
VMAF Award Cool Link
BC Web Site Award
AXT Award
Explorador de PLATA
Interguide-Top Site Award 1999
Police Guide & PC News Online
Lucid Dream Creations
Perfect as a Rose Site award
Gold "Golden Cone Award"
JFY "Cool Site award"
Panama "Site Of The Week"
Apple Award
Draco Award
"Helping Hand Loving Heart"
CyberEagles "of Excellence"
Tiny's Award Best of the Web
the Top-Gold Award
Shamrock Award
Lindor's Awards the Golden on
Fraggle-Award in GOLD
Pure Gold Award
"GOLD MEDAL" Excellence
Navigator Award
LEIP Gold Site Award
Surreal Web Site Award
ArmonWeb Originality Award
StarAward von StarAcademy
Beulen Award
Web Wizard's Excellence
Norbert´s Award
Bright Spot On The Web Award
TaFWeb Commended Award
Silver Norton Award
Viking's Purplestars Award
Sylver Rose Award
Award Free Stuff.com
Vivek Award
InterGuide TOP-AWARD 1999
Timan's Award of Prestige
Websites + 4 Star Gold Award
South AustralianSuperb
Nova Award 1999
Gold Alfa-Award 1999
Silver Award
Alan's Website Excellence
The Grape for Coolness Award
Mighty Buckmaester Award
Well Web Page Excellence
OKI Award
Site IBC of the Month
Sun & Moon Award
Web Resources Excellence
ANet Award
Silber Award von DBX-409
Golden Donasu's Award
Flint's Award
Abigail´s Super Award
Angel Award Open Door
Shadow Storm Award
WorthyWoman Award
Fox Award
Serge's Note Favourite Award
Connemara Great Site
Team Creations
Pinnacle Club Web Author's
Bistall2's Gold Award
Ultimate Links
CYBER SCANS   Excellence
Creations Compliments Award
Gold TIN Award
Ceativity Award
Golden Globe of Excellence
MicheleNet Design award
web site of distinction Award
Golden Unicorn Excellence
Pretty Penny Award
Art Room Award
Ebonyfire's 'Excellence
Serenity Award
Alexanders World Excellence
Awesome Site Award
ShAkER's Good Site Award
INX cool site award
Nobel Knight award
The Kids Place Site Excellence
Awebpage.com  Excellence
True Style Award
Gold Award
SNIN 98 Nominee Award
Prix Radis
Ravi's Elite
Asthma Hounds
The ROKKIT Scientists
Honor Award Savas Kutdemir
3NIKKI'S Big Heart
NONI Natural medicine
SNIN Friendly Award