Spin Jar "Jared Us" Award


At Spine Jar, we present our Awards only to sites that are a cut above the rest -- sites that have :
* Well-organized content with a central theme
* Attractive layout & color/graphic scheme
* Reasonable load times
* Easy navigation
* Correct spelling & grammar
* No broken links

We have reviewed your site, and we have found it to meet all criteria.
Further, every once in a while, we come across a site that not only has managed to meet our strict criteria, but that also has something extra. It takes our breath away, grabs our heart, rocks our world. We think of these rare sites as sites that "jarred us" when we visited them. And we have a special award for them. We call this 'best of the best' award our "Jarred Us !" Award. Your site is one of these very rare sites. It is therefore with the utmost pleasure that we present to you our "Jarred Us !" Award.
Thank you for the pleasure of visiting your site, and our most sincere Congratulations to you !

Kerstin Gens, Owner
Spine Jar. The Stephen King e-zine.

WOW, it is a big honor ! Thank you very much, Kerstin