Website Analyst Award April 24, 2001

Dear Jacques,
Having been submitted to Website Analyst for consideration, your website at has been visited and evaluated according to our criteria. The judging criteria for submitted websites are publicly posted on the Website Analyst Award (Level 4.0) web page at < http://www.website-analyst.co.il/win.html >
I am delighted to inform you that your website has been designated a winner of the Website Analyst Award. As you may already know, many of the "Awards" seen throughout the WWW are truly meaningless, stolen, frivolous or totally ridiculous. This is NOT the case with the Website Analyst Award. We are very seriously committed to the reward of excellence and valuable service provided to the Internet community, where we encounter it throughout the WWW.
Less than 5% of all submissions actually win this award.
We are pleased to present this award to your website and hope that you are equally happy to accept and display.
Lucian Millis - founder/owner
Website Analyst Team - Israel

Thank you very much, Lucian, it is a honor for my work