New Millenium Award


I am writing to inform you that I have found your site worthy of the DynoWomyn New Millenium Award. As a health professional, I feel that your research offers exciting hope for asthma research. I really wish all the best of luck to you on reaching an acceptance level with the health community. From what I understand, France is not the easiest country to do this in. Your site is wonderfully constructed. Great navigation, download time is excellent, your layout and content are meticulous. A job well-done !
Again, I wish you the best of luck. And my deepest regrets on the loss of your beautiful son. I have six children and know how precious each one is. You have shaped your grief into a very worthwhile cause. I know your wee fellow is aware of this, and is proud of his PaPa.
All the Best,

June Kaminski,RN MSN
DynoWomyn Web Haven

Thank you very much, June. Your words touch my heart !