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SITE NAME: Asthma Reality
CATEGORY: Medical - Human Interest/Lung Disease

SECTION A: "CONTENT" - MARK: 29/30 - CONTENT COMMENTS: It is evident that the author of this site has gone to great lengths to include pertinent content for all visitors - from the layman to the medical practioner. One senses that this site is more than just a labour of love, but is indeed a tribute of fatherly love and a unselfish effort to people suffering from asthma in all corners of the world. It is an example of the power of the Web to connect us all as one - to a cause of humanity and love.
SECTION B: "PRESENTATION AND DESIGN" - MARK: 24/30 -RESENTATION AND DESIGN COMMENTS: The design is more than acceptable when one considers that the developer is not a main stream author. Load time is very good, which is certainly an important consideration. On the other hand a link to the "List of French Practioners" seemed to employ a meta or Java refresh, which for me at least did not work properly. In the no frames, the link back to the General Index is without purpose as the visitor finds him/herself back to a splash page that has already been traversed. Also the "enter" on the splash page might be made more prominent. Nevertheless the basic design and functionality is beyond most Websites and is certainly worthy of better than average mark.
SECTION C: "LOAD TIME" - ( X) Under 10 seconds = 15/15 LOAD TIME COMMENTS : Superb
SECTION D: "GRAPHICAL CONTENT" - MARK: 10/15 - COMMENTS GRAPHICAL CONTENT: Not dramatic, but better than most. It is also obvious that care has been taken to provide quick load time. This is something that even the most experienced Web authors tend to overlook.
SECTION E: "OVERALL LOOK, FEEL, PERSONALITY AND PARADIGM OF THE SITE - MARK: 12 /15 - COMMENTS : There is an appreciation of the author's commitment to his work from the outset. The golden thread that holds this site together is the love that we can all relate with - that of a father for his son.
TOTAL MARK:80 - COMMENTS: We view this site as one of human interest that reaches across all borders and touches the hearts of all. It is not simply a vigil or a monument, but is the archetype of life and hope evolving from tragedy. Who among us would not cry from our hearts when we hear of the death of a child ? In his site, Asthma Reality, Jacques Gesret has turned the tragic loss of his ten year old son, Franck, into virtual library of hope for all of us that our affected in some way by Asthma. We are touched and elated that our site award is now associated with this superb work. God Bless You, Thanks. Wally

Thank you very much, Wally