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After careful review and consideration your site has been selected for the Arete Wave Award - Silver. (Comments: Total score was 93 points, quite close to the gold level.
A very nicely done and presented web site with very good content as well. Nice job !
The Arete Wave Award exists to present sites that are "Arete". The Greeks considered Arete as their highest obtainable goal. Arete refers especially to knowledge and wisdom, but it is also excellence within a sphere. For the runner, Arete is swiftness; for the warrior, Arete is bravey. And for the webmaster, Arete --for my purposes-- is excellence in content that adds to human knowledge (as befits the word's ancient definition). Arete Wave sites are also sites with a design that makes them worth surfing to catch. Few sites can combine both of these elements. Only about 10% of sites that apply achieve the Arete Wave Award at all, so you can be proud of your accomplishment.
The Arete Wave Awards are rated 4.5 by Award Sites and come in three levels: gold, silver, and bronze. Also, there are two special awards for historical and conservation excellence.
I thank you for applying for my award and allowing me to visit and to review your fine web site presentation. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

Jenny Goellnitz - jgoellnitz@yahoo.com - ~The Arete Wave Awards~

Thank you very much, Jenny