Draco Award


M. (Monsieur) Jacques Gesret is the author of this site, which is available in French, English, Spanish, and German text format, and he is working on obtaining a translation in Portugese (one of the most complex languages).   If your lungs aren't "in the pink," check out the information listed here.
The importance of this site, especially for those who either have asthma or who know someone who does, is that M. Gesret has discovered a method that can stop an asthma attack by the use of pressure points.
A pop-up diagram shows you exactly where to apply pressure to alleviate a crisis.  
Asthma is not just an inconvenience.  It can kill.   Prolonged severe attacks weaken the system and the heart.  Severe asthma attacks are terrifying enough in themselves, as victims feel as though they are suffocating--and they are.   If you are looking for information about the possibility of relief from asthma attacks, please check out this site.  You have nothing to lose, and quite possibly, everything to gain. 

Thank you very much, Merry