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Congratulations Jacques R Gesret,
After looking over your great site we realized that your site is "without a doubt" worthy of 'HavenHood's Great Achievement Award'. The Great Achievement award is only given to sites that show a good to Great understanding of HTML, that can easily be navigated and supply the user with amble content. We feel that your site met all the requirements necessary to win. After reviewing your site we got together and took a vote, each reviewer has their own area and judges your site on a scale of 1 - 10. You will find the results of your points below.
*** Results ***
Your Score out of 30 possible:
Diane - Impression: 9
Ray - Navigation: 9
Chris - Content : 10
Total = 28
Things Judged On:
We judge on impression of your site, the content
offered and the implementation of your navigational system (very important).
Total points possible; 30.
1 - This area has rough edges to iron out !
2 - Need to pull it together.
3 - Good! OK it's Very Good... but still missing something ???
4 - This is Good, better than GOOD, it's GREAT !
5 - You have this nailed ! Great Achievement !

Impression: Diane
First Impression: 4
Overall Impression: 5
Navigation: Ray
Ease of Use: 4
Layout: 5
Content : Chris
Topics Covered: 5
Overall Content: 5

Wishing you the very best,
HavenHood Staff
Ray, Diane and Chris

Thank you very much Ray, Diane and Chris