Gesret method : trainings in Mexico, second trip in 2000

Report of a second formation

It's a fact, 12 extra practicians are formed in Mexico plus one practician of the previous formation who became teacher.
I have said before that it was not finished yet.....there are 19 practicians now. 

Like the first time, I will give you a small report accompanied with new pictures.

Departure at the 17th of april to Mexico and after a heavy trip (5 hours of delay), we arrived: tired but happy. The passport control and the recuperation of the luggage had become a habit now and soon we reached the exit. Immediately I noticed a panel with the name 'Jacques Gesret', held by a laughing man. As foreseen Dr.Landazuri and his wife were waiting for us. A warm welcome "abrazo" and a car drive to Cuernavaca were the next steps (not like cows as we are used to say, but as the azteks say: "like walking over water").
The fatigue and a comfortable car made me soon falling in an unresistable sleep so that I wasn't aware of the passing time. Arriving at the course place in a wooded area, we went to bed immediately. 
The next morning, in a nice atmosphere, we got a huge breakfast and met the practicians who would be formed. Subsequently, we decided to work outside on the terrace because of the mild temperature and the sun who announced it would become a beautifull day in spring.


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at three levels

After one hour of theoretical explications and answering lots of questions, we went on to the practical teaching of my techniques in a completely relaxed way (not for everybody). We worked all the morning and at 14 h the hunger made us stop for a while.

Cliquer sur la photo pour l'agrandir A special tribute to our three
cooks who worked three days
to feed twenty hungry people !
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Restarted work with a desire close to impatience. Because the practicians were so numerous, Rogério Aranda, who was formed six months before, came to help me. I had to admit when I saw him working.... I thought it was me ! 
He assimilated totally and perfectly all my techniques and knew perfectly how to teach them to others. 
His help was very precise during the complete course, so that I decided at the end to deliver him the certificate of teacher, well merited (by his big surprise).

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In a small shaded corner....
because the sun was heating seriously.
Rogério in full action demonstrating in
front of his group of practicians.

The three days went on in an atmosphere of  carefull work so that we have seen lots of real and false asthma cases and the problems linked with the immune system.The demand was so big that on one day I had to see 20 patients. At the end we had to form two groups, Rogerio and me, so that we could control that everything was done properly and so that we could corrigate if necessary. 

At the end of the last afternoon I could present the certificates to all the practicians.
It was a moment of big emotions and everybody tried to hold their tears like doing the ambrazo, and everybody applaused. It was part of a huge pleasure I felt because I was with them and they knew how to express themselves without false shame.


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The complete group of practicians (left) and the same together with the cooks, with Lucia, my translater who came from France and my "doudoue" (right)
Strong relationships were formed and as was said while shaking my hands:"I will try to become the best of your practicians". I have no doubt about it.

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After finishing the course, we deserved a little rest and as tourists we visited the region. Next: departure to Huixquilucan where other days of work were programmed. 
We were attended and invited to participate on a party for the communion of two young girls.Warm atmosphere and meals with lots of Tequila and Corona (necessary for digestion of the peppers).
All the kids were very close to us and wanted to learn some French words, wanted to danse, and really sticked close to us, wanted to play "laugh - don't laugh".

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Lots of questions !

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New dance

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French lesson

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Happy moment

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Staying serious ?

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impossible !

I also have seen back the kids we treated at the first formation, they felt all very well and didn't have any little asthma crisis since six months. 
We have built some solid projects for the future and everybody determined its place in their realisations. But it has to stay a surprise....of which I hope I can tell you later about on this website.

At the moment, I am waiting impatiently to the next travel which is already foreseen in the organisation !