Gesret method : glossary of medical terms

Thorax subluxation - partial dislocation.
(minor displacement of an articular piece from its natural position)

chondrocostale - the breastbone (2) is located in the center of the chest; ribs (4) are attached by cartilage along its outer edges, with a piece of cartilage on either side of the breastbone (3) that permits the ribs to move. This cartilage serves as the mediator between the breastbone and the rib. "Chondrocostale" designates the joint situated to the side of the rib.

chondrosternale - the joint (6) between the cartilage (3) and the breastbone (2).

hémithorax - designates either the right or the left half of the thorax.

ampliation - amplitude (i.e. the distance measured in the rise and fall of the chest between total exhalation and the upper limit of inhalation).

manubrio-sternale - the joint between the manubrium (5) and the breastbone.

Red point = correct massage at this point will  alleviate the crisis of an asthma attack

To understand what is a chondrocostale subluxation, clic on :

  • image 1 to see a normal thorax
  • image 2 to see the subluxations ( deliberately exaggerated to be visible
  • image 3 to see the thorax when lying