Gesret method : The point of stop of the asthma attack

A number of people have written requesting a simple explanation of how to find and to use the technique that will stop an asthma crisis.

This problem area is-90% of the time-situated under the left armpit, and very rarely under the right armpit or on one of the two sides (see technical word glossary).

Therefore, to discover

  • Place your right hand on the left thorax so that your index finger is under the left armpit.

  • Probe with your finger to find the space between ribs. 

  • Gently massage the space between the ribs while probing for a small lump.

  • You should find a point (or several) that will be very painful to your finger's pressure: something like a small ball of grease (lipodystrophy) that you can roll under your finger.

This is the right point !

 Once you have found it

  • Gently apply pressure, which will make the patient grimace with pain. Now massage mildly while pressing just to the limit of the pain the patient can endure.

  • At this time, the person should inhale deeply. You will discover that the breathing becomes easier.

  • If massaging and pressing the most painful point is not sufficient to make the person feel 100% better, look for another lump nearby the one you are working on, or under the right armpit (very rare). This should take complete care of the crisis.


  • This technique is of no use in breathing difficulty that is not asthma but a spasm of the throat (pharynx). This condition is sometimes called "false asthma."