Asthma Gesret method : 35 publications since 1985

September - theoretical and practical Treaty of dermoréflexothérapie - (out of print) National Library - DL-4-9-1986- 22922

June - In connection with the cellulitis - (out of print) review French Company of Plastic surgery. N43 Toma II
October - Dermoréflexothérapie, mechanisms physiological - (out of print) B.N. - DL 23-10-1986-29089

January - Asthma, eczema and psoriasis - (out of print) review Epidaure, N1.

February - For a new approach of the disease - (out of print) B.N. - DL 26-01-1988-00966
February - Nuevo enfoque del enfermedad - (out of print)

March - the dermoriflessoterapia - (out of print) review Natom (Italy), N56.

December - asthma - (out of print) B.N. - DL 04-12-1992-36490

February - the asthmatic one and its vice of constitution - (out of print) Condensed of " asthma " by Dr. Philippe Demond.
(consultable with the Library of the National Academy of Medicine of Paris).
March - the asthmatic one, clinical observation and general principles of biomechanics - B.N. - DL 02-05-1994-015174

April - a new approach of asthma - Review You and your Health, n11.
July-August - Those which peel onions, and those which cry over asthma - You and your Health, n14.
October - To disavow its origins - You and your Health, n16.
November - Interrogations on acupuncture - You and your Health, n17.
December - the assassinated fever- You and your Health, n18.
December - Roundnesses and fruitfulness - You and your Health, " Dietetic " HS n1.

January - phantom information - You and your Health, n19.
February - the test of the cotton-stem - You and your Health, n20.
March - Alternative medicines and information - You and your Health n21.
April - the Order Council- You and your Health, n22.
May - More than one century of error on the origin of asthma - You and your Health, n23.
June - Asthma and Coke - You and your Health, n24.
September- July-August - Neuro-immuno-psychology - You and your Health, n26.
October - the segmentary man - You and your Health, n27.
December - Shoes of sport: danger -You and your Health, n30.

June - a solution for the asthmatic ones: letter open to Jacques Chirac - You and your Health, n36.
August - Asthma: New therapeutic approach of immunizing pathologies ED De Verlaque, Aix in Provence.
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October - the Asthma and pathologies of the immune system and behavioral - Review OSTEO, N43.
December - the medicine of the structures: a new glance on immunizing pathologies - the Link of the FAC, n7.

April - Awakening with the Light - You and your Health, n46
June - New processing of asthma: the Gesret method - You and your Health, n48
August - Asthma, allergies, should be revised our traditional - Review Effervescience, n 5, Toulouse.
December - Acupuncture and osteopathy - neurophysiological truth
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ED. De Verlaque, Aix in Provence.

February - File: manual therapy of asthma - the 4 Truths Practical Health. N11 February 1998.