Gesret method : steps since 1985

Since 1985, when I started to take steps in research, I have not ceased writing the medical and political authorities in an effort to expose my work.

Here is a summary

  • In 1985, an "Owner of medicine" considering my work interesting comes from Paris to meet me and publishes a small part of my discovery in his professional trade-union review.
  • In 1987, he is threatened with sanctions by the Medical Authority for "complicity of illegal exercise of medicine," just as ten other doctors had encouraged me to continue my search.
  • In 1987, a digest of my work is published by the review Epidaure, this article will be published again in Italy in 1989 by very serious review NATOM. Following these publications the Italian doctors and French contacted me for further information.
  • Since 1994, many publications of my articles have appeared in the review "You and your Health."
  • In 1996, my book, "Asthma, fundamental search and therapeutic news of pathologies of the immune system," was published.
  • Suing of Dr. Lepan in front of the Council of Medicine, by Dr. Garcia, for "eulogistic foreword of the book of a not-doctor", "encouragement with the illegal exercise of medicine", etc.
  • Training of practitioners from all over France.
  • In 1997, publication of my book "Acupuncture and osteopathy, neurophysologic truth."

Publication in Effervésciences of an article of 12 pages on my work, particularly well written by a clinician who knew how to sum up the situation.

If you do not know what is "the set language," read the continuation.

To be able to present my work, I wrote

in 1985

  • To the Institute Weizmann, Israel: answer " deal only with fundamental search."

In 1986

  • To the association New Breath in Paris: no answer.
  • To the pr. François-Bernard Michel C.H.S Aiguelongue Montpellier (recommandé+accusé reception): no answer.
  • To the pr. Schwartzenberg C.H.S. Paul Bush in Villejuif: no answer.
  • To Dr. Paul Coste, member of the French Company of Allergy: answers and requests my work. I send information. Thereafter, no answer.
  • To Dr. C André, Fison Laboratory: answer "When the retreat and the number of cases are more significant, it would be perhaps possible to consider a support." Recontacted several times since without obtaining answer.
  • To Mr. Jacques Chirac, Mayor of Paris, requesting his assistance in contacting the Minister for the Health. Answer: "Mail sent in my behalf to office of Mrs. Michele Barzach."
  • With Mrs. Michele Barzach, Minister for Health, answer of Mr. Christian Poncet: "It took note of it with interest and charged me with transmitting to the qualified services for study."

In 1987

  • To Pr. A. Lemaire, Senior of the Academy of Medicine, Paris, answer:"I don't believe in it, having never heard of it before!"
  • To Pr. Pierre Cornillot of the Faculty of Medicine of Paris: no response.
  • To the pr. Tourraine, C.H. Henri Mondor: no response.
  • To the pr. Zarifian, C.H.U. Caen: no response.
  • To the pr. Bazeix C.H.U. Toulouse: no response.
  • To the pr. George Halpern, Davis University, California: response and orientation on the pr. Donald Payan, CPU Medical Centre Parnassus, California
  • With the pr. Donald Payan from recommendation by pr. Halpern: answer of its secretary Nikki Roco, "We received your letter in French, the pr. does not collaborate with a person who does not speak English."
  • To Marc E Gurney, Scientific University of Chicago, inventor of the "neuroleukine": long telephone conversation and sending of my work.
  • With the review Allergy To observe, New York: no answer.

In 1988

  • With Mr. the President of the Republic, answer: "The Minister for Health was requested by my care to agree to examine your file and to take the actions pursuant to him which it will appear possible to hold to him."
  • With Mr. Claude Evin, Minister for Health, answer: "Your correspondence is the subject of an attentive examination of our services." Remained without continuation.
  • With the pr. Jean Bernard, guard of French medical ethics: no response.
  • To Mr. Arnaud Nicogossian, Director of Life Sciences Division, NASA, Washington: response and letter to the pr. Stratis Avraméas, Pasteur Institute of Paris: response of this one "Too complicated to check my work."
  • With the units of search INSERM
  • With the pr. Bertrand Castro, the pr. Jean Tivolet, the pr. Simone Perdrizet, the pr. Michel Moal, the pr. Max Fehlman, the pr. Daniel Bars, the pr. Michel Galanaud, the pr. Guy Atlan: no answers.
  • The embassy of South Africa which put to me in liaison with Dr. P.A. Frazer, chairman in South African Homeopathic Association, answer "Interested and asks sending of work."
  • With the Ministry for Belgian Health, answer: "We cannot hear you, you are not a doctor!"
  • With the DASS of Monaco which recommended me to contact Dr.Marchisio and Sioniac with the C.H Princess Grace, answer: return of my letter without even opening it.
  • With the Ministry Health Spanish, answer: "Contact the institute Juan Carlos II in Madrid," send work.
  • To the Federal Office of Health, Switzerland, answer: "Communicate my work with Dr. G Anselmi, promotion and integration of the alternative methods in medicine," no answer since.
  • To the Health services of Australia, Austria, Sweden, Japan, Luxembourg, Denmark, England, the Netherlands, etc: no answers.

In 1989

  • With the President of the Republic to ask for his assistance, answer of Mr. Michel Jau, in charge of mission: "I transmitted your correspondence to the Minister for Health."
  • Mail transmitted to Mr. Claude Evin, answer: "Your file is the subject of an attentive examination in our services." Without continuation.
  • With the President of the Republic: I did not have an answer!
  • With the Minister for Health, to start again, answer: "If it is about a drug, you must deposit a AMM," telephone contact to say to them "You did not even read my letter in which I said to you that I did not use any product..."
  • With Mr. Arnaud Nicogossian, Dr. Life Sciences Division, NASA, Washington: answer: "Make contact on my behalf with Dr. Alain Esterle in the National Centre of Space Studies in Paris": answer "We are not interested."
  • With Dr. Jean-Noël Schmitt, sending of my work (recommandé+A.R): without answer.

In 1990

  • At the pr. Merry Henri, Prof Agrégé with Faculty, University of Montpellier answer: "Your work appears to me at first sight interesting."

In 1992

  • With Dr. Denis Vincent, specialist (media) in asthma, C.H Rothschild, Paris:without response
  • To newspaper VSD, the World, the Express train, New Observant, the Event of Thursday, the Barber, Science and life, the Impatient one, new Medicines, etc. No newspaper condescended to answer me!

In 1993

  • With the President of the Republic, summary of all my useless steps near its successive governments: without answer!
  • With the National Academy of Medicine in Paris, answer: "You agreed to address by R.A.R to the Academy the digest of your work addressed to the registration of copyright in 1992 and I thank you. He could thus be consulted according to the request."
  • With the pr. Girard, General manager of Health, telephone answer of Dr. G... (the names are not quoted because that did not occur by mail) "Forwarded me your work, with the fact you exert illegally medicine. " After months of waiting and the sending of another file, the precedent being stray, very dry answer of Dr. G... "I transmitted your file to Dr. the Management of the Medical exercise." I made contact by telephone to learn: " that it had the mission of suing me (possibly) for illegal exercise of medicine and that my file was with the DDASS of Bayonne." My answer was, "Sue me, and you will help me in the end. This business will finally come out to the public." This proposal did not seem to interest him!
  • With the Hospital Ordre of Malta, the Prince Guy de Polignac, answer: "Our campaigns against the disease and misery in the world are already very charged and we cannot add a new program to it." (Their currency is "to however serve such is our design of the Command"!!)
  • To 5 Faculty of Medicine, alone Strasbourg took action by transmitting my file to the Professor Gabrielle Pauli, civil Hôpital, Laënnec house, service of Pneumology. 4 months later not having had any contact, I addressed a mail to him, in answer: "If you want to make known your approach of the processing of asthma, I advise you to write a short article and to subject it to the specialised reviews." His mission, which was not accomplished, was to study my work. Would the writers of articles in the reviews be more qualified? (see more on this subject my article "asthma and Coke" )
  • With N.A.D in Switzerland, specialists in asthma, answer of Mr. J Kruit, Director: "We submitted your work to our Lung specialist/Allergist and to our Paediatrician, in their opinion it is excluded that your therapy can produce the effect which you describe at all the asthmatics."

In 1994

  • With Alain Madelin, Minister for the economic development, answer of Xavier Stake, "Head of Cabinet: file transmitted to Mr Douste-Blazy, Minister delegated to Health".
  • With Mr Douste-Blazy, answer of his Head of Cabinet, J.P Divenah: "He asked me to examine it with the greatest attention so that an answer appropriate." To Mr Divenah, to ask to him whether he wanted, at least, documents for its examination: no answer.
  • With the Mr, Principal private secretary Henri Paul, same step: no answer.
  • In Philippe de Villiers, Michel Rocard, Raymond Barre: without answers.
  • To Jacques Chirac: answer of Colette Caramino, in charge of mission "Mail transmitted to Madam the Minister of State, his services will not fail, naturally, to inform you directly of the continuation."
  • In Jacques Chirac: answer of Christian Charpy, Principal private secretary " It is necessary for you to subject for publication your work in scientific reviews."
  • To association "Asthma," Preside by Pr; François-Bernard Michel (that which never answered me since 1986!), answer: "If one is convinced, one will call you." (They did not have any portion of the file!
  • With William Leymergie, Antenne2, 3 faxes and ten telephone calls, profiting to be received with the Ministry for Health, I wanted to announce existence to him of the point of stop of the attack of asthma by hoping to speak about it in the magazine health about his emission télématin: not only one answer, until the day when...I said to him that it had been excellent in the presentation of fresh peas!
  • With 34 associations close to the patients and the medicine: no response.
  • To the journal: Humanity, La Croix, le canard enchainé, best, the Figaro, to be well and health, 50 million, of consumers, Impatient: without any answer.
  • To Mr. President Valéry Giscard d' Estaing, personal answer (the only one in 10 years): indicate the people to me who will bring their assistance to me.
  • Appointment granted (1/06) by the pr. Dominique Bertrand, technical Adviser of the Minister for Health: I was received and listened with the greatest attention (20 min, at lunch time!), a note is transmitted to the D.G.S.
  • With Mr Jacques Chirac, response of in charge of mission near its Head of Cabinet: "Your situation immediately was announced to Madam the Minister of state, Ministre for the social affairs, Health and the city, qualified on the matter."
  • With the Prime Minister, Edouard Balladur, answer of the Head of the Service of the Interventions: "Be assured that the question that you evoke held all its attention and which Mr Edouard Balladur took note of the concerns of which you agreed to make him share, to its request, I transmitted your correspondence to Mr Douste-Blazy, by underlining the object of your step."
  • In Edouard Balladur: answer of Vincent Soetemont "was charged to recall your file to Mr Douste-Blazy."

In 1995

  • In Michele Alliot-Marie: answer "I will not fail to make share with the authorities concerned of it."
  • With Mrs Bernadette Chirac, answer: "your situation touches me, and it is very readily that I transmit the file to best the attention of Mrs Simone Veil, by hoping that it will be possible for him to propose a solution to you."
  • With Mr Jacques Chirac, President of the Republic: without answer.
  • To Mrs Bernadette Chirac, France's First Lady: without answer.
  • To Mrs Elisabeth Hubert, Minister for Health: without answer.

In 1996

  • Various steps with continuing failure.

In 1997

  • Letter to Jacques Chirac, asking his assistance: no response.
  • To Claude Allègre, answer of Dr. Jean Rey, one of his advisers : "there is not objective scientific commission, I advise you to write articles and to subject them to medical newspapers."
  • With Nicole Notat (CFDT syndicate), answer of Marie-Solange Dubes, her assistant: "I transmitted your file to Mr Jean-Marie Spaeth, President of the CNAM, which, of not to doubt, will get busy to put to you in relation to qualified persons in charge on the subject."
  • With Mr Jean-Marie Spaeth: without answer.
  • All other steps near doctors specialists with systematic absence of answers!


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