Asthma Gesret method : plan for a specialized centre


Model of the project, integrated in a landscape

This project rests on the creation of an external care structure.
The building, with a total surface of 2 000 m2, in two levels, would include:

  • at the lower level of the central body, administrative structures for reception, management, conference rooms, etc.
  • at the upper level, consulting rooms of 7 specialists doctors (pneumology-study of allergies, dermatology); an infirmary, a reanimation cabinet (out of security)
  • at the upper level of the 4 towers, cabinets of manipulative kinesitherapy, podology, respiratory rehabilitation
  • at the lower level of the 4 towers, one would include an analysis laboratory, one technical services (boiler room, general maintenance, etc), another a cafeteria for the staff, and finally, cloakrooms, showers, rest room for the staff.

This structure could respond to the demands of 12 000 patients with a staff of approximately 120 people (medical and administrative).

The treatment would last 15 days during which the following would be carried out: the first visit, sample takings and analysis in the event of superinfection (antibiorésistant bacteria, Candidas Albicans), processing of superinfection, manipulative kinesitherapy, podologic orhteses (if necessary), control of follow-up, the final visit and handing-over of the file for the personal doctor of the patient back home.
The study of the various investments being carried out, the total would be close to 8 M.€. (under ten M.$)
The viability study is largely positive for a stay of a cost of 2.000€. (lower than that of a thalassotherapy) with an occupation of 50% of the capacities. The totality of the care is carried out by medical staff and can thus be paid by insurers (S.S., mutual insurance companies).
The creation of this structure requires an environment able to support the stay of 12 000 people a year plus the guides: hotel trade, hiring of studios, country lodgings, camp-site, restoration, leisure, families who would look after and accommodate the children, etc.
This structure could be reproduced in various places and various countries. I made it up so that it remains human, by its size, and that it can be integrated close to an medium size city.

It is an ambitious project, but it measures up to the result obtained !

My work is serious, having a lead over the theories of psychoneuroimmunology because it brings the neurophysiological explanation of the choice of the target organ in a cutaneous or visceral pathology, as well as the means of curing it in a few weeks, without anything else other than a specific manual therapy.
I am willing to travel (anywhere), if the request is made to me, to present my research before a scientific commission and to make the demonstration of the results obtained on a group of asthmatics, (the most seriously affected if possible because the results will be more outstanding).
I have an excellent "engine", all I need is find a good "carossery for it" to make a powerful efficient device of it.
I have little hope of seeing it carried out in France, taking into account the administrative immobilism and its constraints, and the general suspicion towards whatever is new and different. My thoughts are simply realistic, one only has to take note of the stepswhich I have taken since 1985, just to obtain the possibility of exposing my work before a scientific commission, to understand that nothing will ever happen in this type of system when nobody wants to take even the least responsibility.
My work challenges too many principles, and reputations !
A last precision: My ambition is not to own this centre, nor to manage it, because that does not correspond with my capacities, and there exists much more qualified people who could do that. I only wish to have a participation: training the practitioners, and having the opportunity to continue my research with a team of specialists and share and compare our results.


it is possible to achieve a smaller structure, for a lower cost, on the same principle.
Least investment, less technicians, less personal, treated annually less people.
It is necessary to also take account of the cost of the construction according to the country; the assessment of this project has been made from a realization that would be made in France.
It is only a project. it can be seen entirely again; only the principle of treatment is defined.