Gesret method : formation of practitioners

Important preservation :

Since I teach my techniques, a number of practitioners began to use them in their practice, with results similar to those I got.
But like everything that is good and represents a 'value', both intellectually andin terms of results, some unscrupulous individuals have attempted to go it alone with a method totally inspired by mine, since they had the basics.
Only those practicians who are authorised to teach my method are showed on this page, which guarantees that the techniques are transmitted correctly.
I repeat that all my works are legally registrated ! 

We are ready

Since the end of 1996, I have formed a lot of practicians and I am happy to say that some of them became former.
They worked hard, did lots of practical work to set on a fine level with me, and I have to praise the excellence of their work on the patients.
Not that the others are not good, I don't think one second about this, but it is also a matter of disponibility.

Now, François Sebben became former and started teaching (with success), it is he who formed the first two Swiss practicians.

For me it is not possible anymore to travel to the four corners of France, to Réunion, Mexico, etc...
In three years I have travelled thousands and thousands of kilometers by plane, trains and cars to form practicians in their own workplaces. I am not that young anymore (even not with my body) specially L5/S1 (?), and I also have lots of accumulated fatigue.
So, I will concentrate myself on my project in Mexico and South America. 

Place for the young ones !

  • Rogerio Aranda Delgado : Instructor
    Guadalajara 21-B esq. Puebla, Col. Roma, 06700 México D.F.
    Teléfono (52) 01-52-11-10-30 / (5) 5-53-60-31 Email
  • Erwin Hermans : Belgium (Flanders), The Netherlands and all English speaking countries
    De Mortel 25, 2930 Brasschaat, Belgium, (32) 3 651.44.66 Email
  • Jean Daniel Bonzon : responsabile dell'informazione sulla Svizzera (parla italiano)
    11, rue Plantamour - 1201 Genève- tel : 0041 22 731 91 83 Email
    13, rue des Remparts - 1400 Yverdon-Les-Bains - tel : 024 425 73 61

The choice of places is not restrictive and when the demand raises (of which is no doubt about), we are ready to satisfy. It also allows to decrease the distances, the fees for deplacement and it is the idea to have responsables in topographic places.
As far as my responsability goes, till now, if one of the practicians finds an exceptionnal difficulty on one of his patients, he can ask me to take a look at the case and to try to solve the problem (taking into count of my experience, if possible) and this: free of charge ! This will be a very precise help for new practicians, knowing that an experimented practican not too far from him can help him when needed. The patients will have to travel less in case of difficulties.

The formations


  • realising a chain of practicians who are experienced in my techniques, so that a maximum of persons can take benefit of.


  • the formation on my techniques are effected on a "friendly" way, in private, only one practician at a time
  • this is a must, so that the former can consacrate completely on him/her during the three days of study


  • the practician stays at his/her own place, so there is less discomfort for him/her
  • he/she won't get tired because of the travelling
  • we are working on his/her patients, carrying the diseases we are looking for
  • the results will be commentaried immediately and repercuted "mouth by ear"


  • the pratician has to have a basic formation and has to have practise skills of osteo-articular mobilisations (doctor, physiotherapist, osteopath, chiroprator, manual therapist)
  • he/she has to be installed in a cabinet and has to exercise regularly 

To end

  • a certificat of capability in my techniques is delivered
  • he/she is inscribed on my website in the practicionners list
  • the patients of his/her sector are automatically sent to him/her
  • all the other practitioners will be informed by means of some informative documents
  • there is allways a former ready to help him/her when necessary
  • he/she can have the possibility, on his/her turn, to become a former (because I would like to see one day that my method will be applied worldwide, and that it will be said at all the faculties to be a medicine based on real fundamental clinical observations instead of beiing an altenative method)


  • we are ready to travel to any country around the world, wherever that may be.
  • contact the formers for the modalities and for complementary adivises.