Asthma Gesret method : Gratitude in AstraZeneca

Lastly, a pharmaceutical laboratory brings really its assistance to me!

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In a preceding page (in french), I thanked this pharmaceutical laboratory to have had honesty to make a small report on my work and to have provided the address of my site to all the doctors of France.
It is a first and I cordially thank the AstraZeneca firm to have sponsored this conference, in Belgium, allowing me for the first time to explain my work in front of an audience of doctors specialists in pneumology and/or study of allergies, and kinesitherapists confronted tous.les.jours with the problem of asthma.
I also thank Association for the Kinesitherapists of Mons-Coal-mining and the Top-Countries, to have organized this conference at the request of Mr. Mario Musolino, kinesitherapist-osteopath, to have formed with my method, with the CHR of Warquignies (Belgium).
I had a very long time of intervention, after Dr. Halloy, allergist of the CHR of Warquignies took stock of the pharmacopeia currently used for the treatment of asthma and that François Sebben spoke about his personal experiment in the day labourer use of my techniques.







crise.jpg (8813 bytes)I think of having convinced the audience while bringing the proof of the exactitude of my work, it by starting an attack of asthma on a asthmatic expert, by pulsation on the subluxation chondrocostale of his second coast, and once the crisis declared by immediately stopping it by the massage of the point located under the opposite armpit. This demonstration is very convaiquante, impossible to cheat !
To continue, after a rapid positioned back of his coasts, I showed that the pulsation carried out previously, having started its crisis, did not give any more any reaction on its breathing; one removes information, one removes the reaction = CQFD!
I also could show the difference between true asthma (bronchial spasm) and false asthma (pharyngé spasm) by carrying out the comparative demonstration on another person, immediately starting to him the pharyngées paraesthesias and the reflex of cough per palpation of his first cervical.
This person confirmed that it was well as that which its crisis occurred!
Demonstration of the highest importance, since this distinction is currently not made by medicine.
Most important, it is that my method will be tested in hospital medium to put it to the test because we found a lung specialist who agreed to do it.

Last news
Marion Musolino, which works in its service, published the results concerning a test group of 11 asthmatic patients and the results are edifying.