Gesret method : from theory to praxis


A therapeutical method is set up to date since moren than 10 years with constructing results: more than 90 % rate cured (+ 5 years follow up without relapse).

To treat an asthma case, for example, I need only about three sessions of one hour work

These techniques can be teached to any practician who is familiar with manual medicine (doctor, physical therapist, osteopath, chiropractor), a simple complementary formation of three days is necessary in order to use my therapeutic system correctly.
This structural medicine respects the laws of life, indeed its principle is, and we cannot be more simple (but not simplistic):

Giving back to a body, its balance and its original comfort, as nature provided, nothing more ! 

Treatment principles

  • Giving back a good balance of the pelvis: more specific at its foundations
  • Giving back a correct body axis: taking away the tensions that causes a scoliotic position of the spine 
  • Giving back a perfect thoracic mobility: so that finally the respiratory function works equal
  • Giving back a natural mobility of the cervical spine so that there is no compression of the OAA complex anymore, which are the roots of lots of troubles.

In one word :

setting back a body in its natural axes


One century of research on the causes of allergies, asthma, just to say that..... it is an environmental disease (sic) or a "permanent inflammatory state of the lungs". 

Just as if an inflammation could be a cause !

With a little bit of logic, everyone knows that an inflammation is a reaction and not a cause.....but, since the actual system for treating asthma, deals with the consumption of products, we can justify the corticotherapy....and the rest ! 

Unlimited means of publications

  • tons of publications praising the benefits of different products.
  • associations governed by a law from 1901, who are doing nothing else than to haul in most of the sick people.
  • playing with their anxiety by publishing books about red coloured mites so they looked more terrifying.
  • Interactif CD rom for the kids, in which they could call an expert named "ventilo" (try to find out who sponsored and published this) who will assist them at any time!

It's Dyspnealand !

When we see cartoons in which an asthmatic tweety [Titi]is taking his ventolin to find back his breath after a run with Sylvester [gros minet]?

Position of the praticians

Since I started spreading my work in articles, newspapers, and also in my books, the critics didn't stop!

From doctors there exist three types of positions:

  • systematic refuse (majority)
  • "wait and see"(rare)
  • "it's very interesting" (very rare, mostly from them who abandonned the allopathic medicine)

From Chiropractors, there exist two types of positions :

  • no contact !
  • I posted some mailings to the U.S. schools, no response beside a threatening letter to stop me writing a second one (with intervention of their lawyer) !!!

They are searching for the secrets of asthma, cannot find them, but are dreaming of finding them because the market is so big. Their publications about this subject are zero! 
if they would be less pretentious, they would have invited me and I would have teached them the techniques without problems.

From osteopaths, there exist two types of positions :

  • "we already know everything" (strange, since no publication reports any systematic result in the treatment of diseases like asthma, allergies, eczema and psoriasis)
  • "we already have seen certain obeservations you were discribing, but we never made the relationship with the pathologies" (rare, but necessary to study).

Some were incredible agressive (luckily very rare), coming from different "schools" who denigrated systematicly and who always believed that their students were the holder of the "superior truth".
Like some have said to me: "Still explained everything, you didn't do anything else than copying his work, he described perfectly the treatment of asthma"!

I was very happy that they confirmed me this fact, that it was exact and more: that they explained to me why nobody never uses this ideas...!

To shut the mouths of those, a minority' who always cited the famous "arterial rule" of Still (without ever wanting to explain) : I friendly invite you to take notice of the two pages consecrated to "traditional energies" of acupuncture and to "the neurophysiologic theory of energy control" (Acupuncture et ostéopathie : vérité neurophysiologique)