Gesret method : cutaneous pathologies


The mechanisms are identical. They are noxious articular information perceived, wrongly, by the central
system as coming from cutaneous metameric zones. The defensive answer will be located in these zones in the form of eczema or psoriasis.

The difference between eczema and psoriasis

All people who suffer from eczema have a pelvis lowered on the right and are always standing on the right leg (true or false short leg) and the first rib is always posteriorised on the right and subluxed. All the people who suffer from psoriasis have a pelvis lowered on the left and are always standing on the left leg (true or false short leg). In addition to the first thoracic segment, we find articular restrictions in close connection with the metameric territories where the lesions are, but an element makes all the difference:

  • the liver is concerned in eczema, by the direction of rotation of T9
  • the pancreas is in the psoriasis, by the opposite direction of rotation of T9

There is a link between eczema and psoriasis, owing to the fact that a certain form of eczema is psoriasiforme and that a psoriasis can be eczematoïd.

In the beginning After 6 weeks After 4 months
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[total mini] [total 2 mini] [total 3 mini]
After 6 months, a normal skin came back (stains half notes)
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Before treatment
To notice: 
- the lowering of the pelvis, of the left side; what is in any case a constant of psoriasis 
- the perfect metameric disposition of thigh plates, on the zone corresponding to fibers nervous cutaneous exits of the 3th lumbar vertebra.
After 2 sittings
To notice : 
- the pelvis recovered its level 
- the axis of the body is baffled (because of the old muscular tensions of compensation of the short leg, but is going to go in the order to the thread of weeks)
- that lesions are less " to quick " that on the previous photos (the improvement is owed to the ointment to basis of plants of which I gave the formula).
After 3 sittings
To notice: 
- the pelvis recovered its level 
- the axis of the body failed himself 
- that lesions are again less "irritated" that on the previous photos (the improvement is also owed to the ointment to basis of plants of which I gave the formula).

What allows me to make these assertions

The discovery of reflexes points, identical in their principle to the point of Mac Burney which are present only in the case of a visceral pathology. They thus make it possible to detect, by way reflex, the presence of a visceral functional anomaly (Liver, spleen, pancreas, blister, etc. "Asthma" fundamental research and "acupuncture and osteopathy" ).

Could anyone answer these questions:

  • How come the point of Mac Burney is still sometimes present, while the appendix hasn't been for a long time?
  • Why is an identical point sometimes present on the opposite side?
  • What do they indicate in these cases?

What makes asthma and eczema alternate

Noxious information is dominant according to a "chord" (as in music). The agreement can vary according to circumstances which I will not describe here, but the projection of dominant information can vary between skin and internal organ.

The fact is well known, looking after asthma often results in making eczema come out, and vice and versa.

The chords are known as dominant, but minor chords also exist: the body answers the first in priority. If one is able to mask it, the second will come out and become dominant in turn.
Looking after a reaction is not healing the cause of it. Removing it often only moves the problem somewhere else because : the body manufactures only what is to it or seems useful to it to ensure the survival of "Ego."
Certain current work (psychoneuroimmunodermatology) is helping the comprehenion of the mechanisms of immunising pathologies. It only lacks the concept of "endogenous stress" to understand why a pathology will develop with a predilection for certain metameric or visceral territories (target body).
One century of research on the causes of allergies and asthma, just to conclude that it environmental disease (sic) or "of a permanent inflammatory state of the lung."

How could an inflammation ever be a cause ?

Using a bit of logic, one knows that inflammation is a reaction to a cause...but, since the current system's treatment of asthma lies on the consumption of products, it is indeed necessary to justify the corticoid therapy...and the others!

  • Unlimited medical advertisements
  • Hundreds of publications praising various products
  • Fake associations under cover of Law of 1901, which merely aim at collecting the greatest number of patients
  • Exploiting people's fear by publishing books on the mites painted red so that they appear more terrifying
  • Interactive CD-ROMs for children, in which they can call on expert "ventilo" who can help them any time (guess why, try and find out who publishes and finances them)
  • It is Dyspnealand !

When shall we view any cartoons where an asthmatic Tweety [Titi]will be breathing his "ventoline" to catch his breath after racing Sylvester [gros minet] ?

From theory to practice

A therapeutic method has been ready for over ten years and the results are real: more than 90 % healing (+ 5 years without a relapse).
Treating asthma, for example, only requires, on average, three hours of work. This technique is within the range of any practitioner in manual therapies (physician, physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractor). A simple additional training of three days is necessary for them to practise my therapeutic method correctly.
This medicine of the structures respects the rules of life, indeed its principle is extremely simple (but not simplistic): giving a man back his balance and his original conformity, such as nature had made it.

No more !

Instead, we must have

  • A good balance of the pelvis, i.e. of its foundations
  • A correct body axis , i.e., removing the tensions which lead the subject to adopt an scoliosis attitude type (or other)
  • Giving the subject back a perfect thoracic mobility so that the respiratory function also be restored
  • Giving the subject back a natural cervical mobility so that there is no more compression O.A.A, a favourite place at the origin of very many disorders

In one phrase :

giving back to a person his/her natural axes