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Preparations for skin care (cracks, psoriasis, eczema, golden staphylococcal, fungus, etc.).
Posted by: Karl Richard (IP Logged)
Date: October 11, 2012 04:05PM

Jacques Gesret has developed an herbal preparation for psoriasis and dry eczema, as well as a lotion for the scalp. Formulas preparations are public. This preparation is not meant to treat psoriasis as do common pharmaceuticals in this type of pathology. Its principle of action is completely different.

When Jacques Gesret designed it, he asked himself the following question: if in a room there are two plates of seeds - one in the middle of the room - one on the radiator - these will germinate faster than the first ones. Therefore, it is necessary to lower the temperature of the areas where the lesions grow by repairing capillaries (small veins) that are dilated permanently. Why is the temperature hotter in these areas? Simply because it is a permanent capillaries vasodilatation! In which case a skin area develop this type of reaction? In the case of repeated rubbing and abnormal skin area, the first reaction is vasodilatation of the capillaries and if the mechanical phenomenon persists, the keratin layer will thicken and form a protective callus.

The phenomenon is very similar in psoriasis. So he first tried a plant that could help repair hair, another who improved circulation, which caused a further vasoconstriction (temporary not to have a rebound effect) and another with a healing power.

After a few rounds of double-blind trials, this approach proved to be the most efficient. It repairs hair well and give good results on rosacea and (small) veins. Still, it helps to eliminate damage by avoiding the damage self-perpetuation which is dry skin irritating nerve endings and trigger the vasodilatation reflex.

Dermatologists have tested it in parallel with conventional products on the same patient and came to the conclusion that it was surprisingly effective. You can try it, it comes cheap. Formulas preparations are public; you can copy them and have a druggist herbalist to make them.

Here is the Gesret’ formula

1. The first preparations: Ointment P1 Psoriasis 100 g

TM Paeonia officinalis 9,0 g

TM Ruscus aesculus 9,0 g

TM Cupressus semp. 9,0 g

TM Capsella burs. Past. 9,0 g

Onguent PM III QSP 100,0 g

Note: this ointment is not sold and the formula is too complex for a pharmacist at the request of one customer. Also, I suggest you replace the ointment with distilled water and dab with a cotton lesions. The result is normally the same, the carrier being a simple neutral medium without specific effect.

The first preparation (no smell, non-greasy) is to be applied 2 to 3 times per day on the lesions (in small amounts, rub until the skin is drier).

If the lesions are on the whole body, treat the thicker lesions because the preparation is done with tinctures and therefore contains a little alcohol that passes through the skin. Alternatively, you can dilute the tincture of calendula with three measures of water and dab the itching areas using a cotton pad soaked in this mixture. Calendula is antipruritic and healing.

2. The second preparation: (to be used in lotion by rubbing the scalp) Ointment P2 ditto 200 g

The second preparation is to be used in lotion by rubbing the scalp, 3 to 4 times per week. It is recommended to wash you hair with a mild shampoo (Ducray kind).

3. The third preparation Ointment P3 cracks 100 g

Borage Oil 20.0 ml
Arnica oil 20.0 ml
Cod liver oil 20.0 ml
Ointment qs 100.0 g cetyl

Note, ditto for this ointment, ask your pharmacist to use a neutral gel, otherwise use the preparation in liquid form, the result will be the same, the carrier being a mere support for a presentation in the form of ointment.

4. The fourth preparation: Ointment P4 30 g Staphylococcal Superinfection

HE lavandula off. 1.0 ml
HE Lemongrass 1.0 ml
Phytogel QSP 30.0 g

5. The fifth preparation: Lotion L1 Scalp psoriasis 125 ml

TM Paeonia officinalis 9%
TM Ruscus aesculus 9%
TM Cupressus semp. 9%
TM Capsella burs. Past. 9%
Distilled water qs 125 ml

6. The sixth preparation: Soap S1 150 ml adult (Staphylococcal infection)

HE lavandula off. 3.0 ml
HE Lemongrass 3.0 ml
® 150 ml soap LUBEX or totally neutral soap, no additives, perfumes, etc…
Can be used for babies.

7. The seventh preparation: Soap S2 150 ml child (Staphylococcal infection)

HE lavandula off. 1.1 ml
HE Lemongrass 1.1 ml
® 150 ml soap LUBEX

Thus, against all odds, you can continue to treat your skin problems with my compositions which have proven their worth since 1987.

Jacques Gesret

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