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Psoriatis Arthritis
Posted by: KH (IP Logged)
Date: April 13, 2012 04:07PM

Due to non compliance with the ethical principles that apply to all practitioners trained in Gesret method®, Mr. Karl RICHARD is no longer part of our network and is no longer entitled to practice the method.

I have been reading with interest about the Gesret method on the
internet. My husband suffers from psoriatic arthritis, he recently had a
flare up of both his skin and joint problems and his dermatologist and
rheumatologist plan to put him on ciclosporin (having not tolerated
methotrexate in the past). I am most concerned that this is not the best
solution and will lead to more health problems in the long term. He just
wants relief from his symptoms and is somewhat sceptical of non
conventional therapies.

Can you give us a realistic prognosis for his condition if treated with
the Gesret method, has it been shown to improve the arthritis associated
with psoriasis and what proportion of patients have a significant
improvement in their skin condition.

Finally what would the cost of such treatment be and if he chose to give it a try, how soon would it be possible to schedule a consultation with you in London.

Kind Regards

Re: Psoriatis Arthritis
Posted by: Karl Richard (IP Logged)
Date: April 13, 2012 05:11PM


Thank you for your interest in our "Asthma-reality.com" website. I am very pleased that you could find some information about the Gesret method, as I can actually help your husband with his psoriatic arthritis.

In fact, the Gesret method can treat all kinds of psoriasis, even those that combine skin and joint problems like the one your husband suffers from. I have already treated many patients with this condition with more or less success. It can take more time for psoriatic arthritis sufferers than for the other types to see some results. And, the results may depend on the patient's age, as it is sometimes easier to treat a child than an adult. That said, I have had very good results for patients of all ages. I would say that in about 6 months, he could see good results.

My next visit in London will be this weekend. I have still availability but the better is to send me an e-mail at karl.richard@free.fr to set an appointment for this weekend.

Here is the address for the clinic, which is close to the Old Street tube station.
Central London Osteopathy
325 -327 Old Street
London City EC1V 9LE

My fee are 70£ per sessions and each session lasts one hour.


Sessions follow a precise protocol. All the practitioners who use this method follow it. A detailed explanation would require a lot of time. So in brief:

- Firstly, we welcome and listen to the patient; he can explain all his difficulties and symptoms (I usually spend 10 minutes on this initial step, listening, taking notes and asking questions).

- Then we proceed with some tests to detect the possible presence of a shorter leg. We use wedges and check the equilibrium.

- After that we proceed to an examination, the patient is lying down. The 5 first ribs on each side are inspected as well as the cervical vertebrae (most importantly the first and second ones). The general axis of the body are checked.

- Then we move on to the real work, the manipulations.
The duration of this phase is dependent on multiple variables: build, age, confidence of the patient…

For children we proceed differently on the physical point, the “contact” point is more difficult, we try to make it into a game.

- After the manipulations, new tests are done to check the quality of the intervention, if needed we correct some ribs before the work with cervical vertebra.
Indeed, all the muscles at the cervical level are fixed to the first five thoracic segments, so they need to be in the correct positions to avoid any resistance or pain during the next manipulations.

- New tests are done, 6 salivation checks to prove the complete liberation of the first cervical vertebra. Then further tests are done standing up to check there is no shorter leg left. We might make a provisional heelpiece in cork to avoid the patient leaving with an unlevel pelvis (he would lose the advantages of the session).

Usually patients have many questions during the sessions, we always give them answers.


Karl-Frédéric RICHARD

Re: Psoriatis Arthritis
Posted by: KH (IP Logged)
Date: October 04, 2012 04:33PM

I first visited Karl-Frederick Richard six months ago for treatment for my psoriatic arthritis. I'd previously tried various drugs including methotrexate and topical psoriasis treatments as well as annual courses of UVB light therapy but my psoriasis would return within two months of the UVB treatment and my joint pains would return on stopping the drugs.
Now I am not taking any drugs, I am free of joint pain and while I still have a few patches of psoriasis it is nowhere near as bad as it would normally be seven months after the UVB treatment. I have been following a somewhat draconian low acid diet which was tough at first but which I have got used to, combined with regular sessions of Gesret manipulation. I am not sure if it is the diet or the osteopathy that is working or a combination of the two but I am very encouraged to continue with both.

Re: Psoriatis Arthritis
Posted by: Karl Richard (IP Logged)
Date: October 08, 2012 11:06AM


THANK YOU too, for sharing your story on this forum. The more stories that are shared that illustrate the results, the more the method will gain in credibility. When I read such testimony I continue to hope that more patients will have the same opportunity to benefit from this. Hopefully, more English osteopaths will adopt the Method to benefit a larger population. For the moment, not as many of them show an interest as I would like. But trainings for them are available throughout England to introduce them to the Method.


Karl-Frédéric RICHARD

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