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Nasal polpys & asthma
Posted by: Lifetime Nasal Polyp Sufferer (IP Logged)
Date: October 17, 2011 09:42PM

Due to non compliance with the ethical principles that apply to all practitioners trained in Gesret method®, Mr. Karl RICHARD is no longer part of our network and is no longer entitled to practice the method.

Dear Karl

One of your patients gave me your details and I am interested
in your work. I have read the testimonials and watched the video on
your website.

I was diagnosed with Asthma when I was 8 and with nasal polyps when I
was 17. Later, I was diagnosed with Samter's Triad Syndrome. Do you
have success treating patients with polyps? I am interested in the
Gesret method - maybe it can help! I have had surgery numerous times
to remove the polpys and rely on oral steroids to reduce them in order
to breathe. Most of the time I have no sense of smell or taste (and
need to take oral steroids when the airways diminshes so significantly that I cannot
breathe). I swim, cycle and practise yoga. Each morning I do
pranayama exercises for 15 minutes. Although I do have asthma, the
nasal polyps cause me much more distress and really restrict me when
they flair up. I also take inhaled steroids (seretide and flixonase).
Do you thinkt the Gesret methode can help me? If so please let me know!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Ms Robinson

Re: Nasal polpys & asthma
Posted by: Karl Richard (IP Logged)
Date: October 18, 2011 10:12PM

Hello Ms Robinson,

Thank you for your post. I believe the Gesret Method can be of considerable help to you.

If polyps bother your breathing and if moreover you have a cold, you will have a nose like a potato where no air will pass. And if in addition, you have an asthma crisis, things will get worse.

All that you are describing fits with what we know how to treat and help except for the polyps.
The trilogy; polyps, asthma and allergies are in fact due to some rib and vertebral levels that are blocked or fixed.
Asthma and allergy, we know how to treat. Nasal polyps are closely related to the first cervical. Once this cervical is fixed, two things happen: the nose is no longer blocked (instantly), it no longer flows, and once the polyps are taken off, they never come back.

The Gesret method acts on the cause of the polyps so normally when the polyps are gone (by surgery for example) they never come back. If we are not aiming to treat the polyps directly, we can reduce their intensity and their consequences.
I have in fact had success in treating patients with the result of regaining their sense of smell, as well as improving their breathing.

I'm hopeful that you'll be able to fully enjoy the activities, like yoga, that you are fond of.


Karl-Frédéric RICHARD

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