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My psoriasis is 90% gone!
Posted by: Camillapsoriasis (IP Logged)
Date: May 06, 2011 12:19PM

Due to non compliance with the ethical principles that apply to all practitioners trained in Gesret method®, Mr. Karl RICHARD is no longer part of our network and is no longer entitled to practice the method.

My name is Camilla, aged 43, married with one child in five years.. I've had Gutata Psoriasis since 1995. Spread throughout the body, scalp and eyelids, round dots of approx. 1-5 cm. It's scratches and bleeds. I have for many years been treated with all kinds of betamethasone steroid creams, lots of light treatments and tar. The best has always been going in salt water and sunbathing.
I've always lived fairly reasonable and accepted a part of my life was to have psoriasis. The last few years, it got worse and so did my confidence after that. I did not feel I have something worthwhile and could not understand why my husband liked me, when my body was ugly to touch and look at. I stop going to sports, because I did not like others to saw me. The doctors would continue with the usual treats and I decided to do something new.

I have read Dr. John OA Pagano's award-winning book - Healing Psoriasis: The Natural Alternative. The book views psoriasis, as well as eczema, as originating in the intestinal tract. Looked at from the inside out, rather than from the outside in, a whole new approach to the disease evolves. This concept identifies the problem as a build-up of toxins (poisons) in the system which make their way out through the skin, but does not originate in the skin. Dr. Pagano defines psoriasis as the external manifestation of the body's attempt to throw off internal toxins. Because of thin, porous, intestinal walls these toxic elements "seep" through the walls of the intestine (The Leaky Gut Syndrome*) causing a pollution of the lymphatic and blood circulatory system. The body then attempts to rid itself of these toxins by expelling them through the sweat glands. Dr. Pagano further emphasizes that a proper diet and adequate eliminatios are a major part of the solution. This book proves the efficacy of this theory by documented case histories, patient affidavits and before and after photographs.[www.psoriasis-healing.com]

I have changed my diet completely and my psoriasis is 90% gone!

Additionally I have gone twice a month for half a year to osteopath Karl Richard whom practices "Gesret" method in both Paris and London.
The two things together, for the first time in many years paid off. I would recommend buying book. It easily read and easy to follow. The difficult part is to get started on the diet, since there is now a great many things that one should not eat. Sugar, coffee, etc.. It took two weeks to change habits. It is wise to prepare. Shop in good time, have something in the refrigerator as you like, to avoid panic over that you can not eat the usual things. My needs for sweets, cola and bread is gone. I have more energy and is happier.
My psoriasis will never 100% disappear, but I can keep it down to a minimum level, where I'm satisfied. I highly recommend this.

Re: My psoriasis is 90% gone!
Posted by: Karl Richard (IP Logged)
Date: May 22, 2011 09:35PM

Hello Camilla,

Thank you for sharing your story here. I am sure that others in the forum will find your experience inspiring.

I have also heard many stories of success with the Pagano diet. It can also be effective for those with eczema. I would note that the theory behind the Pagano approach is different from that of the Gesret method, but they are often complementary.

The Gesret method can be an effective way to cure the psoriasis or eczema definitively and the Pagano diet is an effective lifestyle change that can help to speed the result. I often recommend initiaiting both treatments at the same time for the best results.

Karl Richard

Re: My psoriasis is 90% gone!
Posted by: GeraldPso (IP Logged)
Date: June 13, 2011 01:33PM


Camilla, I have had the same experience.

I have had psoriasis since I was 14 and tried all types of medicines in Paris and now in London. I have even made test for the pharmaceutical laboratories who were developing new drugs. I am now 36 and nothing worked until I found by complete luck on the web the Gesret method. I have seen Karl Richard 2 times in London and once in Paris. Karl recommended me the Pagano diet which I started immediatelly and the results have been quite spectacular as my psoriasis has dramatically reduced in few weeks. The psoriasis is stabilised to an acceptable level and I am back at the swimming pool after 2 decades away! I have now completely changed my diet and see Karl now once a month.

This is very refreshing to eventually have an explanation of the causes of psoriasis beyond the classic 'stress' argument. It is also refreshing to see Karl who is dedicated to help, cure and who still looking at the best ways to complement the Gesret method. It contrasts a lot from what I have seen with the classic medicine who never really investigated the causes but just re-iterated the same non-explanations, prescriptions and invoices. I am obviously bitter towards them considering the impact psoriasis had on my life.

One question re. the Pagano diet: Did you find where to buy red saffron tea in the UK?


Re: My psoriasis is 90% gone!
Posted by: Camillapsoriasis (IP Logged)
Date: June 14, 2011 03:06PM

I am happy to hear.
I do understand, but being bitter on medical doctors, only brings negativity on yourself. They more we share our success on with Karl and our diet, they more we get even, on our past.
All the best

Try this:
They have slippery elm bark powder.
Online for American saffron.

Re: My psoriasis is 90% gone!
Posted by: Karl Richard (IP Logged)
Date: June 26, 2011 08:06PM

Gerald and Camilla,

I am so pleased that you have found so much success with the Gesret method and the Pagano diet. As long as you continue with the Gesret method, you might find that in several months you can broaden your diet and not follow the Pagano diet as strictly as you do now. This is something that we can discuss in greater detail when we next see each other.


Karl-Frédéric RICHARD
Practitioner GESRET method
Osteopath D.O. Acupuncture
+33 6 03 36 37 18

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